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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to Grand Canyon.

  • Sharon K Gossett
    I am an ordinary soul. But I became a little more than that upon my first sighting of the Grand Canyon. Yeah, it does that to you.
  • Mari Tustin
    Grand Canyon Conservancy remains in my estate planning because I give to what has been given to me. My six backpacks into the Grand Canyon...
  • Ken and Dorothy Lamm, Flagstaff AZ
    We have loved Grand Canyon National Park since we first watched the sunrise at the South Rim in 1976. We knew right then that we wanted to hike its trails...
  • Barry Oleksak and Jeffrey D. Judds, Phoenix, AZ
    After 27 years of loving the canyon, hiking, backpacking and exploring the rim - I count my volunteer time with Grand Canyon Association among my best experiences...
  • Laura and Arch Brown, Tucson, AZ
    When Arch and Laura Brown first visited the West in the 1950s, they were spellbound by its wide-open spaces. Laura vividly remembers peering over the rim...
  • Sheila Lewis Henry, Fountain Hills, AZ
    My husband Allen and I made our first trip to Grand Canyon in 2006 when we hiked and camped in Havasu Canyon. We were hooked! We joined the Grand Canyon Association...
  • Gregory Dixon, Anchorage, AK
    The grandeur and timelessness of the canyon is forever etched in my mind. I want to share with others the joy and wonder I experience over many years of travel...